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Legal Home

Legal assistance with the preparation of documents for real estate in the city of Kiev and Kiev region.

Legitimation of samostroya is a relevant and important topic among land owners built up without documents, so if there is a pressing issue of transferring to the legal field of buildings, please contact our specialists. Superficially and succinctly describe in this paragraph about the campaign of legalization. We urge: do not waste your nerves, time and money, rely on professionals, because the process lasts more than one month and the right amount to visit private, municipal, government institutions is more than 5 and at least 2-3 visits (if everything is given correctly) which in turn have their reception days, work schedules, addresses with a maximum length between themselves, for example in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district near Kiev, more than 40 kilometers. You can say even more that homogeneous in their functions, state organizations in neighboring areas may require different sets of documents. You must understand and know the regulatory framework, which is dynamic in nature, have knowledge of State building codes, draw up and submit various applications, understand forms and forms that must be filled in according to clearly defined rules, classifiers and understand what you order from engineers. architects, land surveyors, to follow – so that no one makes mistakes, be aware of the differences in jurisdiction of the relevant authorities. Usually, officials of the relevant authorities may assume the inappropriate functions of inspecting the house, imposing order on the documentation in intermediary firms, unreasonable refusal to issue documents, expanding the collection package, legally stipulated and the top violation- delaying consideration time. Wrong measures, in the worst case for you, can result in fines and judicial red tape with the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine.

A single recipe for solving possible problems does not exist, but everyone can minimize the risks, knowing all the legislation governing these relations (last paragraph) and its enforcement or how to go, turn to professional real estate lawyers who know not only the special legal framework and received a law degree to put aside new adventures, to miss the intellectual and psychological burdens associated with legalizing the house. When ordering services from us, you can be sure of the result, since we have issued dozens of houses in the city of Kiev and the suburbs, there is not a single penalty in our practice, checking houses after submitting documentation, we have a transparent pricing policy and complete fixation, we undertake not complete legalization, we produce a full package of documents, turnkey, perform the tasks as soon as possible without additional surcharges and conditions.Therefore, immediately contact us, immediately solve all your legal issues with real estate.

In most cases, the execution of documents for the house is preceded by the urgent need to conclude a transaction in which the owner must hold title documents. Sometimes our clients are interested in why it is impossible to tidy up the land plot in parallel and legitimize the house, which would be logical to justify, but in order to draw up the documents for the house, you must use the already registered land that should be privatized, have a cadastral number, be defined in nature and respond to their intended purpose posted building. Very often, customers of our services are interested in why the existing technical passport does not affect the price, we explain that this work is carried out by a certified architect engineer who has instructions, on which should measure and check the house on the current date of technical inventory. His work consists in direct departure and drawings in special programs, the reissue of this document is carried out before commissioning, sale, pledge, exchange, expert monetary valuation of the house.

The procedure for putting a house into operation, as an unauthorized construction, is to develop construction documentation, which should be a legal reflection of the actual construction and, in the future, a legitimate basis for registering property rights. The first thing to learn in order to legitimize samostroy is the information on:

1) the land;

2) Existing planning permits;

3) conflicts with neighbors, if their notarial consent is needed;

4) Errors that resulted in fines, orders of inspectors to eliminate violations, which greatly complicates the future procedure of legitimization.

We focus on conflicts with neighbors, because, in general, in accordance with the Land Code, the operation of a land plot should be conducted according to the rules of good neighborliness, and according to the Civil Code, the use of property should not cause inconvenience to other subjects of civil rights. Therefore, if there is a shadowing, flooding, smoke, noise and other inconveniences on the basis of which a conflict occurs, we recommend that you follow certain orders and rules. Regarding the requirements of the inspectors, only one way is full implementation, of course, if there were no unreasonable requirements.

Primary familiarization with a specific building can be carried out directly at the exit, or remotely, if there are known deviations from the borders of neighboring land plots, buildings or a schematic development plan is present, documentation is also provided in parallel to, first of all, identify the admissibility of unauthorized construction. The correct assessment of the admitted delicts by the developer rather accurately determines the scope and vector of necessary actions for the smooth processing of documents for the house.

In general, every actual owner wants to legitimize samostroy and outbuildings in order to get a place of registration, connect to networks without intermediaries, be able to sell, exchange, donate, pledge, lease, insure, bequeath his property. The list of transactions regarding fixed items is listed in the Civil Code, which primarily describes the signs of unauthorized construction, following in its legal force is the Law of Ukraine “On the Regulation of Urban Planning Activities” on the basis of which the documents are drawn up and the basic terms and concepts are defined: red lines, design (urban planning) a) documentation, general (zoning, detailed) plan, customer, developer, building control lines. And other bylaws:instructions, orders, decrees, orders, standards, rules governing relations in the field of urban planning, the full list at the bottom of the article. We analyze the compliance of illegal construction with State building codes: 79-92, В.1.1.-7-2016, В.2.2-15-2005, State Classifier 018-2000 and provide100% guarantee that you can commission the house without:

1) location changes;

2) Changes in geometric parameters;

3) Ship litigation and fines.

We have some ideas on how to circumvent penalties, ways to avoid monitoring officials from uncomfortable violations of building codes. Our method consists in the practice and in-depth theory of the relevant legislation, which has its own gaps and collisions and leaves, for urgent need, loopholes for tacking when the developer delicts. Therefore, we clearly define possible violations and implement the appropriate way to legitimize samostroy, in order to avoid difficulties and to meet short deadlines. Making additions, outbuildings, new economic structures on the land plot where the ownership of the house is already registered is imperatively provided only with the building passport of the object, this also applies to houses that were built during the Ukrainian SSR since 1982,

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