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Call: +380 (44) 223-12-13

Rieltor Grishko Oleksandr

Realtor services

I work as a realtor since 2007.

I help to sell, buy, rent and rent apartments, houses, premises, plots in Kiev and the suburbs.

It does not matter whether it is residential or commercial real estate. It is important that the client understands why he needs a realtor? What are the benefits to the client if the process involves a realtor.

Work is not limited to placing ads on the Internet and database. 
The owner will not have to wait for weeks and months to end up calling and asking himself what is the sale of their property? Thereby, without losing time and money.

I show the dynamics and results of work on the sale and purchase of daily (+ weekly) reports. 
The commission for work is paid upon closing the transaction


What don’t i do

• I do not work in other locations, outside of Kiev and the suburbs. I do not sell overseas property either. 
• I am not engaged in registration of references, documents separately from the sale and purchase service. 
• I am not engaged in daily rent. Google to the rescue. 
• Do not make a separate assessment of real estate.
• I do not teach real estate sales.
• I do not work for free. In Kiev, there are enough of those who just chase the wind with its activity. 
• Do not do finbezopasnost. This is to the banks. 
• I do not try to sell, but I sell. Try it yourself, time is precious, life is one. 
• Do not work simultaneously with more than 3-5 objects. Increasing the base by objects is not for me.
• I don’t work if I don’t have to sell in 2-6 weeks. It is better to contact in a month or a year when it will be very necessary. 
• Do not limit advertising on the Internet. And I create a demand for real estate with the help of SPP.
• I do not place temptations, dummies, fakie for lead generation and search for clients. I can recommend these, if necessary. 
• I do not call customers, and do not ask for help to sell 🙂 There is not enough time for this. 
• Do not cheat the number of views and ad impressions. Really create and increase the demand for real estate. 
• I do not work on oral agreements. It will be profitable for the client to work on the contract itself.
• I do not sign exclusive contracts for the sake of having contracts. The contract is a confirmation of trust between the realtor and the client.
• I do not use NLP and other methods of human exposure. 
• I do not prove anything, I can only answer the questions. 
• I do not predict the final price, the date of sale and the name of the buyer. Not a wizard. This is for fortune tellers. 
• I am not engaged in budget renting (up to UAH 10 thousand). But I can switch to specialists. 
• I don’t undertake the sale of real estate if other intermediaries also sell it in parallel. 

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